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Amazing Icicle Stories
From Susan - Fort Wayne, IN
Hey folks - I purchased the Icicle Pansies in Indianapolis last fall and planted them. They bloomed until right before Christmas. THEN, they started blooming in March and I STILL have a few blooming today (August 21) ...unbelievable. My neighbors have stopped to tell me how beautiful and colorful they are. I am going next week to buy more for the next season. They are incredibly hardy and pretty.
From Jim - Boston, MA
My name is Jim. I live in the Boston area. My wife and I still cannot believe how rugged these plants are. We planted them in a container outside our kitchen door, next to our herbs. We thought "Icicle Pansies was just a cute name". I wish I had photographed them in the snow! They kept blooming until the hard freezes came and everything was brown---except them. They just took a break until the weather warmed up. Now look at them! They're great!

Note: Icicle Pansies are not recommended for containers.
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From Gail - Lake Forest, IL
We planted about five dozen of your wonderful Icicle pansies last fall, and they bloomed beautifully then and even more beautifully this spring. They were still blooming when we had our Christmas party the second week in December! In fact, they are still blooming, today August 4, despite our Chicago-area drought! Thank you.
From Erle - Aurora, Ontario
Please accept my sincere thanks for providing an excellent product that lives up to its advertising. My garden is shaded with a western exposure. I planted these two types of Icicle pansies last fall. They flowered up until the 3rd frost. This spring, the yellow pansies were up and smiling within 7 days of the snow melting. The orange ones followed 10 days later. Now on May 1st I have 12 bloomin' plants. They lead all my flowers with the exception of my early crocus. Congratulations!
From Melissa -
Elyria, Ohio

I enjoy buying your icicle pansies every fall. I have been planting them every year now for the last three years. They are absolutely beautiful every year.
Icicle Pansies in June
Thank you for such a great product and I cannot wait to purchase them again come this fall!!! Our yard is always the most beautiful in our neighborhood thanks to the icicle pansies, whether its late fall or early spring! I hope you will be able to post my photograph on your website! Thanks again!
From Chris - Rochester, New York
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful Icicle Pansies again! I tried them out in 2002 with many doubts that these pretty little flowers would withstand a tough Northern winter. Much to my surprise & delight, they smiled right through the snow in March! Of course, typical of our winters in Rochester, New York, we got that one last kicker of a storm. A very windy ice storm that did a lot of damage to mature trees & there were my sweet Icicle Pansies still smiling!!!

After that experience, I decided to use Icicle Pansies in my customers gardens (I install small gardens in my area) & the results have been great! I got a call from one of my customers telling me that she just can't believe she has flowers blooming in March. She has been bragging to friends & family that she truly does have a four season garden. Another one of my customers that lives in an apartment complex called to let me know the icicle pansies I put in her container gardens are blooming (in March) & she is thrilled!

Icicle Pansies are a big hit with my customers, thanks so much for such carefree, reliable plants!

From Shirley - Kingston, Ontario
Just wanted to share some pictures of my icicle pansies taken today, in July. I keep waiting for them to die so that I can plant my annuals, but they show no sign of stopping. We have had a cool, wet spring and early summer here in Kingston, Ontario but I am amazed at the way these pansies have lasted. What a beautiful show! They were planted last fall. Thanks for such a great product.
Icicle Pansy From Elizabeth - Brimfield, MA
Hi I bought your icicle pansy last fall. I just want to tell you they were great !!!!! We had a terrible winter in the northeast with 25 below zero several nights. This spring they came up in tremendous glory. Huge flowers and very prolific. They were all that I had hope. I am really pleased. Thanks !!!!!
From Carrie in Kitchener, Ontario
Dear Fernlea: I thought I'd share a picture of my icicle pansy garden with you! While the pansies are still looking fabulous, the daffodils and muscari are already past their prime. However, the show of yellow and purple was lovely. I planted these pansies last October for my "fall display", and am thrilled with the early spring colour that was my reward - without having to lift a finger!

Thank you for your wonderful and cheery product. The pansies make me happy whenever I look at them!

From Michael - London, Ontario
When I first purchased your plants I admit I was sceptical but I thought, "nothing ventured". Well am I eating humble pie now, its now the end of July and they are still blooming. I planted quite a lot in October of 2003 and the color has been magnificent, never have we had plants that have been as prolific. Thank you for the "Icicle experience". I am your champion wherever I go!
Kathie - Council Bluffs, IA
I wanted to tell you what a wonderful surprise your Icicle Pansies are in my yard! I planted 9 last September and every one of the plants came up and they are all blooming. They look great..... Thank you so much!
Icicle Pansy
From Tonya - Hartville, OH
I love pansies and have been planting them in my garden for a few years now. Last year, I decided to try Icicle pansies after a friend got some for me. I am so pleased that they popped back up again this year after the long and very cold winter! They are just as pretty as last year's bloom! I will definitely plant these long-lasting pansies again. Thanks!
From Carol - Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Hi - I was cleaning out my kitchen drawer and found the guarantee tags that came with my Icicle Pansies I purchased last fall. I saw the tags in my drawer all winter and with the extremely cold weather and large amounts of snow we received this year, I was sure I would be collecting on your guarantee. Was I ever wrong! The minute the snow melted, my pansies started blooming. At first, I thought the blooms were left over from last fall, as the final blooms never shriveled and dried up, only got covered with the first snow of the season. After a couple of days, I realized they were indeed already blooming! As the weather has become warmer, the flowers are more and more plentiful and beautiful.

My neighbors and friends couldn't believe the pansies were planted last fall! I recommended the Icicle Pansies to all my friends. They really do live up to their name! And I can now throw away my guarantee tag! Thanks for the wonderful flowers!

From Grace - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hi! I'd like to contribute my amazing icicle pansy story. Two Falls ago, I planted icicle pansies. I thought they'd just be nice until the first frost. They survived the first frost, and bloomed in November whenever there was a little sun. Every time the snow melted off, and there was a little sun, the pansies would bloom, through December, January, February and of course in March and April. May got too warm for them, but they sure were a joy all through winter. I really don't know how the word "pansy" came to mean puny or weak--because these pansies have anti-freeze in their veins!
Icicle Pansy boy From Judi
Have just received my first issue of your online newsletter. Don't know how it got to me but this 74 year old gardener is pleased as punch. Thanks.
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