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Icicle Pansies
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Product Information
With Icicle Pansies and Icicle Violas you can now have a beautiful garden in November and in March! They are easy to grow. When proper care instructions are followed, they're guaranteed to bloom the following spring when planted in the late summer or early fall.
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Icicle Pansy
Basic Care
Plant in locations with 6 to 12 hours
  of sunlight per day

Plant 6" to 8" (15 - 20 cm) apart.
Grows 6" to 8" (15 - 20 cm) tall.
Icicles will bloom in the fall and again in the spring if proper care instructions are followed.
Detailed Care
Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Water, and apply all-purpose fertilizer at planting time. Fertilize again in spring. Water as needed during fall and spring.

Avoid wind-swept/exposed locations. Do not place near exposure to road salt or standing water. Plants may bloom until snow covers them, look dormant in winter, and will bloom again in warmer spring temperatures. Replace with annuals in late spring/early summer.

Guaranteed to bloom the following spring when planted in late summer or early autumn or your money back. Send your name, address, receipt and plant tag to Icicle Guarantee, Box 128, Delhi, Ontario, Canada, N4B 2W9.

Not recommended for container gardening.

Guarantee applies to residential use only, limit $15 per household. Spring weather variances may delay blooming, guarantees are not accepted until May 1.
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