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Icicle Pansies
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News and Press
Pansymonium Press 2006 (pdf)
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Pansymonium Press 2005 (htm)
Fernlea Flowers 2004 (pdf)
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Pansymonium Press 2004 (pdf)
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Icicle Pansies will be readily available for a limited time at most large garden retailers, beginning on Labor Day weekend 2006.
Consumers can sign up at www.iciclepansy.com to be notified of product availability at store locations near them.
For store locations and more information:
visit store locations or www.fernlea.com
Marketing & Media Information:
Jarah Stefek - Marketing Coordinator
Phone:  (800) 265-6789 ext.1254
Email:    jarahs@fernlea.com
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