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Icicle Pansies
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Icicle Pansies come in wonderful colors.
Here are some ideas for use:
The Orange Garden
Pumpkin PansyClear Orange PansyClick to enlarge
Plant clusters of Pumpkin Pansies and Clear Orange Pansies in your fall garden to complement Halloween and fall harvest decorations. You can also add Yellow Blotch Pansies.
Vibrant Spring Vigor Garden
Clear Purple PansyClear Orange PansyClick to enlarge
Want to really wake up your visual senses in early spring? Consider planting Clear Purple and Clear Orange Pansies in close groupings.
Soothing Blues Garden
Clear Purple PansyClear Blue PansyVelvet Glow PansyBurgundy Blast PansyClick to enlarge
Clear Purple, Clear Blue, Velvet Glow, and Burgundy Blast Pansies share similar tones of blue. Include the Winter Blues Mix also. Any combination of these varieties works together to create a beautiful, and not often found garden of blues and purples.
The Tulip and Daffodil Affair
Clear Yellow PansyYellow Blotch PansyClick to enlarge
Looking to fill out areas in between tulips and daffodils in your spring garden? Consider Clear Yellow and Yellow Blotch Pansies, as well as Yellow Violas.
The Sunshine Garden
Clear Yellow PansyClear Orange PansyPansy Sunshine Mix Click to enlarge
Create your own garden of sunshine with this bright mix of White, Yellow and Orange Pansies.
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