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  Icicle Pansy Gift Pot

Looking for a pretty gift for a teacher, grandparent or other special someone? You can make an Icicle Pansy gift pot. It's easy. The plant should be transplanted into the ground prior to winter in order to get blooms the following spring.
  • Icicle Pansy plants
  • Plain, terra cotta pot (3 to 5 inch diameter at the top)
  • Decorative paints and spray acrylic (to seal the paint)
  • Decorative accessories such as: flat-sided rhinestones and beads, fabric scraps, mosaic glass pieces, string or cord
  • Potting soil
  • Materials for a gift card stake (Popsicle stick or drinking straw and cardboard)
Make sure your pot is clean and dry. Paint your pot to your liking. You can paint the entire pot, or just apply a design pattern wherever you like. Let the pot dry completely. Spray with acrylic sealer and let dry according to instructions on the can. Apply decorative accessories. Allow glue to dry completely. Place a pebble over the drainage hole in the pot. Plant Icicle Pansy in pot and add potting soil as needed to compact plant in pot firmly. Water. You can make a gift card stake by decorating both sides of a small piece of cardboard, then affix it to a drinking straw or Popsicle stick, and push into the soil. Your creation is now ready to give.

Here are some ideas for themed pots:
Paint the entire pot bright orange, and accent the rim with black. Then use black to create a jack-o-lantern face. Fill pot with Clear Orange and Clear Black Icicle Pansies.
Paint your pot with vertical stripes of red and blue and paint the rim white. Fill with Icicle Pansy Patriot Mix. Accent with a tiny American flag.
Paint your pot mauve and pink. Decorate with rhinestones and funky fabric. Fill with Clear White, Clear Purple, or Clear Blue Icicle Pansies.

Blue Sky  
Paint your pot sky blue and accent with fluffy white clouds. Fill with Clear White and Clear Blue Icicle Pansies, or fill with Clear Yellow for 'the sun'. Brighten up someone's day!
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