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Icicle Pansies
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are Icicle Pansies annuals or perennials?
A. Icicle Pansies are biennials.
Q. How many seasons will my Icicle Pansies last?
A. They will bloom in the fall and again in the spring if proper care instructions are followed.
Q. What tips will help Icicle Pansies over-winter?
A. To help overwinter your pansies, insulate the ground around them. We recommend that you use a mulch such as tree boughs, leaves, and composted materials. Lay them gently amongst your pansy garden for some added winter protection for those extra cold nights! And if possible, plant them in an area of the garden that is protected from harsh winds.
Q. When can I buy and plant Icicle Pansies?
A. Icicles are available beginning in late August or early September through to early October. Click here to find a garden center in your region.
Q. Where can I buy Icicle Pansies?
A. Icicle Pansies are available at many fine garden retailers. Look at Where to Buy listings, and/or Sign Up To Be Notified when fresh product arrives at a store near you.
Q. Why are Icicle Pansies not recommended for containers?
A. Plants have less soil in containers than in garden beds, so it is easier for them to get dehydrated or have a harder freeze and die. This is true for many small hardy shrubs and perennials as well. You can certainly enjoy Icicle Pansies in containers during the fall season, but we cannot guarantee that they will survive the winter. If you plant in containers, you may want to lay mulch around the plants and place containers in an area protected from harsh winds. This will increase your chances for overwintering.
Q. How often should I fertilize my Icicle Pansies?
A. Apply all-purpose fertilizer at planting time in the fall. Fertilize again in spring.
Q. How often should I water my Icicle Pansies?
A. Water at planting time. Water as needed during fall and spring.
Q. How much sunlight do Icicle Pansies need?
A. Plant in locations with 6 to12 hours of sunlight per day.
Q. How far apart should Icicle Pansies be planted?
A. Plant 6" to 8" (15-20 cm) apart. They grow 6" to 8" (15-20 cm) tall.
Q. Where should Icicle Pansies be planted?
A. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Avoid wind-swept/exposed locations. Do not plant near exposure to road salt or standing water.
Q. Are Icicle Pansies guaranteed to survive the winter?
A. Yes. They are guaranteed to bloom the following spring when planted in late summer or early autumn or your money back. Click here to read our guarantee details.
Q. What colors are Icicle Pansies available in?
A. 14 colors and 5 mixes. Click here to see all colors available.
Q. Will my Icicle Pansies reseed themselves?
A. Icicles will not reliably reseed themselves.
Q. Can I buy Icicle Pansy seeds?
A. Icicle Pansy seeds are not available. You can instead purchase the finished product, ready for planting!
Q. Can I buy Icicles on-line and have them shipped to my home?
A. Icicle Pansies are not available on-line at this time.
Q. Will Fernlea Flowers notify me when Icicles are available in my region?
A. Yes. Click here to sign up to be notified by email when Icicles are at garden centers near you.
Q. What is the difference between Icicles and other pansies?
A. Icicle Pansies are bred to love the cold. They are the #1 winter pansy.
Q. Are Icicle Pansies edible?
A. Plants purchased from stores have often been sprayed with chemicals to control pests or disease. So it's best not to eat blooms until the plant has grown for some time (a full season). The new blooms produced in a mature plant are okay to eat. Gently rinse blooms and drain. Add to salads, as a decorative plate garnish, or decorate cakes.
Q. What is the botanical name for pansies?
A. The botanical name for the pansy is Viola x Wittrockiana.
Q. How can I prevent deer and rodents from eating my Icicles?
A. You can visit your local garden center for information about spray-on repellants. Alternatively, you can try creating your own repellent, like the one in our Newsletter, Fall 2004.
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