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Icicle Pansies

Icicle Pansies
love the cold!

They go dormant
through the winter.

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to see what Icicles
look like when
dormant in winter!

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Icicles look like
in each season
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Icicle Pansies
the #1 winter pansy
Move over mums! Now you can have garden beauty in late fall and early spring from spectacular Icicle Pansies and Icicle Violas.
Icicle pansies and violas are selected for their ability to overwinter when planted in the fall. Bred for cold climates, this tough new breed is guaranteed to survive the harshest winters, wherever they are sold.
Planted in late summer or early fall, you'll enjoy blooms until the snow flies and again in early spring. Find a garden center near you!
Fernlea Garden Club Icicle Pansies are available in the Fall only Join the Fernlea Garden Club
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