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Icicle Pansies
Pressing Pansies
How to Press Pansies
With their vibrant hues and smooth petals, IcicleŽ Pansies are ideal for flower pressing. An enjoyable and relaxing hobby, flower pressing has been practiced for centuries, with pansies being the most popular plant of choice. With minimal starting costs and easy-to-learn techniques pansy-pressing is a past-time that everyone can enjoy. Beautiful pressed flowers can be used to decorate cards, bookmarks, wooden jewelry boxes, picture frames and much more.
  • Pansies:
    • Pick them in the morning after the dew has dried
    • Choose flowers that are in excellent condition
    • Bear in mind that dark colors will fade eventually
  • Accent greenery such as leaves, ferns or grass, or colorful weeds
  • An old heavy book to press pansies in and several other books to add weight OR you can buy a wooden flower press (from a craft store)
  • White blotting paper, paper towel or newsprint
  • Envelopes or old phone books to store pressed plants
Choosing Pansies Pansies Pressed
  • Lay out selected flowers on table or counter.
  • Open a heavy book and place blotting paper, paper towel or newsprint on the open pages.
  • Place flowers carefully on blotting paper, ensuring that they are lying flat with no edges folded under. Add as many plants as desired, leaving space between each flower.
  • Close the book carefully and place it in a hot, dry spot to speed the drying process. Additional books can be placed on top of the pressing book to add extra weight.
  • Leave flowers in press for 2-6 weeks - no peeking!
  • Remove pressed flowers from book and store in envelopes, old phone books, or other second hand books. Be sure to label envelopes or books so that you can find pressed flowers easily.

Pressed pansies can be applied to cardboard, material, paper or wood as a base. Accents such as greenery and colorful weeds can be used amongst pansies to create beautiful works of art.

  • Plan out design and mark on application surface where each flower will be placed.
  • Use white crafter's glue to adhere pansies and accents to application surface.
  • Protect designs with a clear plastic seal - laminate cards and other paper items, varnish wooden items and use glass on pictures.
  • Keep designs out of bright sunlight to reduce fading of the flowers.
  • You can adhere pansies to candles using white glue, allow glue to dry, then dip the candle in melted paraffin wax. A second coat of paraffin helps protect the pansies longer.
  • Add pansies to potpourri for added color.
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